U.S. Air Force awards 雷神 a $393 million contract for ISR mission support


雷神 will continue mission support for the U.S. Air Force’根据新的3.93亿美元合同,建立了分布式公用地面系统。
DCGS是服务’s primary intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance analysis tool. Over the last decade, 雷神 has ensured high levels of performance for these critical ISR systems, while generating tens of millions in cost savings.
Under the new contract, 雷神 will continue to sustain, maintain and ensure operational availability of platforms and legacy systems that produce actionable intelligence for the Air Force. These systems collect, process, analyze and disseminate data collected by sensors aboard the Air Force’s ISR platforms —U-2,RQ-4全球鹰,MQ-1捕食者,MQ-9收割者和MC-12。
“This award recognizes 雷神’在提供任务支持解决方案方面表现出色,并节省大量成本,” said Dave Wajsgras, president of 雷神 Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS). “我们清楚地理解维持和维持我们武装部队这一关键能力的重要性和我们的责任。”  
“Raytheon’在过去十年中,与产品无关的维护和维护方法为空军节省了大量成本,” said Todd Probert, vice president at 雷神 IIS’任务支持和现代化。“In times of budgetary constraints, 雷神 is especially focused on working with our customers to identify the most efficient solutions while leveraging our deep expertise to provide assured mission performance for the warfighter.”
雷神 IIS has captured more than $2.2 billion in Air Force mission support contracts so far this year, including a U.S. Air Force space launch range contract and a NORAD contract for a variety of operations services.